Laboratory device for ultrasound specimen irradiation

Several significant demands are placed on devices analyzing effect of ultrasound energy on various living and nonliving samples. They involve effective energy transfer, uniform distribution of ultrasound intensity with its precise value in the sample, sample manipulation, and monitoring of physical conditions, such as position, temperature, pressure, etc. Usually, a tank filled with suitably treated water forming a good acoustic contact is used to sample irradiation by ultrasound. General problem of all devices is an interference of the emitted ultrasound waves with the waves reflected primarily from the tank walls resulting in non-homogeneity of the ultrasound field with difficult definition of the energy distribution.
Technology description: 
Ultrasound irradiating system composed of tank filled by immersion liquid and ultrasound source positioned inside the tank. Irradiated sample is fixed by a holder in the ultrasound beam axis. The principle effect is based on barring unwanted ultrasound wave interference by nonparallel configuration of the tank walls to the ultrasound beam axis and efficiency may be increased by use of shielding diaphragm(s).
Development status: 
Prototype. Validation studies.
Device for specimen irradiation by ultrasound consists of tank, ultrasound source placed inside, and a sample holder in the axis of the ultrasound beam. At least one side tank wall is nonparallel with the axis of the ultrasound beam and at least one special shielding aperture is placed between source and sample. This part is in a shape of truncated cone and arranged with its smaller base towards the source.
Commercial offer: 
Exclusive/non-exclusive licence to the know-how and data
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Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Palacky University, Olomouc
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