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Mendel-Zirm lectures


The Mendel-Zirm Lecture Series is a new series of lectures given by the leading scientists in genetics, oncology, biomedicine, molecular biology, toxicology, biochemistry, microbiology, chemistry, medicine and other related research disciplines. The lectures which are open to wide public interested in new developments and discoveries in biomedicine are held once in 1-2 months at the Institute of Molecular and Translational Medicine. The Mendel-Zirm Lecture Series is named in honour of two significant scientists whose education or professional life is tied up with Olomouc:

Gregor Johann Mendel — father of genetics, who was born nearby Olomouc (Hynčice) and studied Philosophical Faculty of Olomouc University (nowadays Palacky University)  

Eduard Konrad Zirm — ophthalmologists who performed in Olomouc the first successful human tissue transplantation (full-thickness corneal transplant) in Olomouc, December 7, 1905 

The Mendel-Zirm Lecture Series seeks specialist from interdisciplinary areas in order to introduce latest approaches, technologies and methods to attending colleagues. The main purpose of the lecture series is to create a network of contacts from growing areas in order to educate both scientists and students. The invited speakers facilitate interactions between individual departments. The series hope to attract a diverse audience including professionals, staff, students and public by discussing new research on science and health issues.

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