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7th Advanced In Silico Drug Design workshop

We are happy to invite you to the 7th Advanced In Silico Drug Design workshop which will be 29 January - 02 February 2024 in Olomouc. This year we cover topics on:

  • PDBe database services
  • virtual screening
  • machine learning and AI
  • structure- and ligand-based drug design tools
  • pharmacophore modeling
  • molecular docking and dynamics
  • de novo design
  • frequent hitters
  • natural compounds and many more.

Lectures and tutorials will be provided by 12 experts in the field from Austria, Great Britain, Italy and Czech Republic. At the final day participants may win prizes in a competition where they would be able to apply gained knowledge and demonstrate their skills. The web-site of the workshop https://www.kfc.upol.cz/7add.

Welcome to Olomouc!