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The 18th Czech Annual Cancer Research Meeting has concluded with success!

We would like to express our gratitude to all of our guests. We are pleased to see the increasing attendance, the enhanced quality of your presentations, and the growing international visibility of our conference. This undoubtedly ties in with the establishment of the National Institute for Cancer Research. This year's gathering brought together over 304 scientists, including 44 international participants (who collectively consumed more than 1,300 cups of coffee!).

Your dedication, expertise, and groundbreaking work are advancing cancer research not only in the Czech Republic but also making significant contributions globally. The collaborations and discussions we have witnessed here stand as a testament to the power of collective effort in combating cancer. Let us continue in this spirit of unity and reconvene at the 19th Czech Annual Cancer Research Meeting next year in November. Thank you once again, and I wish you all a safe journey home and a year ahead filled with new discoveries and success.

Special thanks go to the speakers, poster presenters, sponsors, and the entire organizing team.


Photo: Denisa Pavelková