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Digital Genomics Seminar

26th October, 2021
Start 9:00
Room 1.09 (IMTM building)


WES - on the road to digital genomics
9:00-9:20  WES: panel, its content and customization (Petr Klempt)
9:20-9:40  WES: Interpretation and Clinical Reporting (Mariana Šatrová / Tomáš Antl)
9:40-10:00  Digital Genomic Playground (Mariana Šatrová)


10:00-10:15 break & discussion, refreshments


Multimodal panel -
comprehensive diagnostics of a tumor sample

10:15-10:30. Multimodal panel: parallel DNA & RNA workflow for detection somatic variants (Petr Klempt)
10:30-10:45. Multimodal panel for solid tumor diagnosis (Lenka Kruzová)
10:45-11:15  Complete analysis of multimodal panel output using CLC and QCI (Mariana Šatrová)

11:15-11:30  break & discussion, refreshments


Single cell transcriptomics, spatial transcriptomics -
Mastering Biology to Advance Human Health

11:30-11:50  Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression: Reveal the complexity of cellular diversity (Agnieszka Ciesielska, 10X Genomics)
11:50-12:10  Visium Spatial Gene Expression: Visualize gene expression within the tissue context even for FFPE samples (Václav Havelka)