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East Port Seminar: Bioluminescence Assays for Monitoring Cell Health, Metabolism and Cytokine Release

Thursday April 25, 2024
10-11 AM
Seminary room 1.09


Bioluminescence is one of the most sensitive techniques routinely used in cell biology. Since the light is generated internally withing the sample it has very low background and extremely high signal-to-background ratio. In this seminar, we will discuss latest developments in the area of cell-based assays and how you can utilize these sensitive assays for monitoring cell health and metabolism in various formats. We will also introduce the novel Lumit immunoassays that are based on the split Nano luciferase – the NanoBiT technology. These immunoassay pose a faster and more sensitive alternative to classic ELISA workflow.


REGISTRATION: Please, register HERE.


Who is the seminar for?

The seminar is accessible to all interested parties regardless of their occupation and age and is also suitable for university students. Registration is required for all participants due to capacity reasons. The seminar will be held in English.