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IMTM Junior Researchers Actively Participated at AFO59

Martin Ondra and Jarka Stankova, junior researchers from IMTM, actively participated in the events of the 59th ACADEMIA FILM OLOMOUC FESTIVAL organized by Palacký University. Martin participated in a workshop titled "How to Talk to Scientists," engaging in discussions with filmmakers. Meanwhile, Jarka attended the "Science Matters" session, exploring the broader societal implications of science. They both delivered talks tailored for non-scientific audiences: Martin discussed the application of nanodiamonds for mapping sentinel lymph nodes, while Jarka explained the significant role of proteomics in personalized medicine. These presentations provided accessible insights into complex scientific topics, enriching the festival's interdisciplinary dialogue.

United by their passion for effective science communication, Martin and Jarka attended the workshop on "Science Communication" co-organized by AFO59 and the Aurora Alliance. Here, they synergized their learnings, exchanging ideas and strategies for effectively disseminating scientific knowledge to diverse audiences. Through collaborative exercises and shared insights, they reinforced the importance of clarity, empathy, and creativity in bridging the gap between the scientific community and society.


Photo: Jarka Stankova, Martin Ondra