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IMTM REACTOR: Program (updated)

*Updated on 5th October, 2021

Wednesday 6th

8:00 Departure from Olomouc
10:00 11:30 Sporting activities
10:30 12:00 Check-in

Chair Petr Džubák
12:00 12:10 Tomáš Oždian Welcome speech
12:10 12:30 Lenka  Hrubá Development and characterization of resistant cell lines to nucleosides based cytostatics
12:30 12:50 Kateřina Ječmeňová PNH173, mechanism of action
12:50 13:40 Lunch

Chair Martin Mistrík
13:40 14:00 Jiří Drábek Tsar Nicolas II, DNA evidence, and Czechoslovak legionaires
14:00 14:20 Dušana Majera Applications of molecular combing of single DNA molecules
14:20 14:40 Tereza Buchtová CBD attenuates the efficacy of platinum-based chemotherapy
14:40 15:00 Dávid Lukáč Emetine’s anti-DNA replication activity reflects proteosynthesis inhibition not targeting Okazaki fragment formation.
15:20 15:40 Matthew Lacey Mechanism of MCOPPB senolytic activity
15:40 17:00 Cofee degustation

Chair Milan Urban
17:00 17:20 Jiří Řehulka Discovery of novel biologically active compounds and their molecular target 
17:20 17:40 Soňa Gurská Cytotoxicity profiling of new chemical compounds in HTS facility
17:40 18:00 Barbora Lišková Synthesis of betulinic acid derivatives with aryl moiety via Suzuki-Myiaura cross-coupling reaction and their biological evaluation
18:00 18:20 Zuzana Macečková Bystin regulates AURORA A during mitosis
18:20 18:40 Olena Mokshyna Exploring protein-protein interactions of bystin using HADDOCK
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Masožravá Berta

Thursday 7th

Chair Lukáš Najdekr
9:00 9:20 Jana Václavková Lung cancer and COPD protein biomarkers found in exhaled breath condensate.
9:20 9:40 Jiří Dostál Pro BiomER – CM in ClinData
9:40 10:00 Tomáš Oždian The proteomic characterization of cervical mucus
10:00 10:20 Jarmila Stanková Human plasma analysis by HR-MS: An approach for plasma profiling of large population-based cohort
10:20 10:40 Karel Koberna Anchored linear oligonucleotides: The effective tool for the real-time measurement of uracil DNA glycosylase activity
10:40 11:00 Coffee break

Chair Miloš Petřík
11:00 11:20 Kateřina Bendová Radiolabelled siderophores for the diagnosis of Burkholderia cepacia complex infections
11:20 11:40 Zbyněk Nový Biological evaluation of 225Ac-PSMA derivatives for alpha therapy in prostate cancer
11:40 12:00 Narendran Annadurai and Vishwanath Das Tau aggregation and seeding as a therapeutic target in tauopathies
12:20 12:40 Martin Ondra Diamonds Are Forever: Development and application of ultra-bright 200-nm fluorescent nanodiamonds for the sentinel lymph nodes visualisation
12:40 13:40 Lunch

Chair Miroslav Popper
13:40 14:00 Dominik Vítek High-throughput screening of chemical compound libraries in Nematodes
14:00 14:20 Juan Bautista de Sanctis Adaptative memory cell responses against SARS CoV2 virus
14:20 14:40 Ermin Schadich Anti-SARS-CoV-2 properties of one anti-inflammatory drug
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Wine degustation

Friday 8th

Chair Jana Kotulová
9:00 9:20 Pavel Polishchuk In silico design of synthetically feasible compounds
9:20 9:40 Mariia Matveieva Mining structural patterns relevant for anticancer activity of small molecules
9:40 10:00 Alina Kutlushina The pharmacophore-based de novo design methods
10:00 10:20 Aleksandra Nikonenko Lead optimization of the tubulin inhibitor
10:20 10:40 Coffee break

Chair Alžběta Srovnalová
10:40 11:00 Zdeněk Škrott Microthermal-induced subcellular protein damage reveals a two-phase HSP70-p97 cellular response
11:00 11:20 Pavel Stejskal The Circulating Tumor Cells detection in Solid Tumors using CytoTrack TM11
11:20 11:40 Rastislav Slavkovský Deep amplicon sequencing of predictive markers for fast and effective tumor diagnostics.
11:40 12:00 Agáta Kubíčková CRISPR/Cas9 technology - creating cellular models for human genetic disorders
12:00 12:20 Barbora Koblihová Clonal somatic variants in hematopoietic cells in relation to age and stroke
12:20 12:30 Tomáš Oždian Concluding remarks
12:30 13:30 Lunch

13:30 Departure from Skalský Dvůr