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Interdisciplinary meeting of young life scientists

In 2024, the Czech Chemical Society and Czech Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in association 
with the general partner Merck Life Science spol. s.r.o. (www.sigmaaldrich.cz) and further sponsors are traditionally 
holding the Interdisciplinary Meeting of Young Researchers and Students from chemistry, biochemistry, 
molecular biology, and biomaterial-related fields.

The Conference will take place on May 20 – May 23, 2024

The registration form for the Interdisciplinary Meeting of Young Biologists, Biochemists, and Chemists can be found here.
Registration deadline is on January 31st, 2024, the same deadline applies for sending the abstracts.

The abstract should be sent electronically, in English language, and should be formatted according to the template, 
that is available on www.interdisciplinarymeeting.cz. The abstract should meet all the requirements stated in the template.
The abstracts failing to meet the requirements will not be engaged in the selection process! Template is available here. 
We strongly recommend not making any alterations in abstract formatting style (e.g., in fonts, paragraphs, etc.) 
while creating your abstract.

By March 15th, 2024, conference participants will be selected by the Scientific Committee, and contacted via e-mail. 
Approved abstracts (speakers, posters, and stand-ins) will be published 
in the ‟Czech Chemical Society Symposium Series”.